Travel Experiences of Uttarakhand

According to Naindeep Singh Madhok, Uttarakhand is Delhi’s neighbouring state known for its pilgrimage site Rishikesh with world famous yoga centres, Jim Corbett National park and beautiful villages with authentic beauty and pure organic food. It is also called Dev-Bhoomi, land of Gods. It has scintillating views of Himalayas and also Char Dham yatra of Yamnotri, Gangotri, KedarNath and Badrinath is immensely popular among Hindu devotees.

Naindeep Singh Madhok says we planned a family vacation to Lansdowne and Nainital this summer. The maddening chaos of Delhi was driving us crazy for a long time. We packed our bags, hired a good taxi and started our journey to Lansdowne first. As our journey progressed, the lush countryside and rows of fields passing by gave contentment to us that we are finally going! Slowly fields gave way to mountains and we entered Uttarakhand. A sudden gust of cold wind in our direction made us chill. We had reached Lansdowne perched among Garhwal hills. Its truly an untouched town, far way from hustle and bustle of city.

Lansdowne is famous for Garhwal Rifle Regiment of Indian army. It’s the perfect gateway for peace, solitude and tranquillity. Is neither urbanised nor commercialized.Naindeep Madhok

In fact, its an ideal place for Eco-tourism. We settled at one hotel and spent the night there. In morning, after breakfast, we were ready to march. Our first target Parade ground of Garhwal Rifles centre and the War Memorial. There is a museum also that houses ancient artefacts of Garhwal regiment like arms, artillery, medals etc.

Beautiful Destinations

We took prior permission from military authority to have closer look at the ground. We could see Army jawans practising marching with drum beats. So organised and disciplined. Next milestone was Kaleshwar temple of Shiva that flocked by thousands of devotees during monsoon season. Someone told us to visit St. Mary’s church also but out driver could not drive on those narrow lanes in hills. We retired for the day in hotel and had sound sleep. Next day reserved for Bhullatal lake. It was an entertaining day out there. This lake, well maintained by Indian army and we enjoyed boating there.

From here, we packed our bags and hopped to our next destination Nainital. It’s at a distance of approximately 220 km from Lansdowne and travelling by road covers major cities Moradabad and Haldwani. It is the judicial capital of UK and has a high court. It’s again a beautiful hill station and a major tourist attraction. Naini lake situated in the middle of the town and is the lifeline of city.

Tourists flock this place and enjoy a long boating trip. There one Hanuman temple also nearby where you can pray. We also used pedalled boats with our life jackets on to sail in the lake. It’s a memorable experience. Another popular point we visited was Tiffin Top with breath-taking views of Himalayas. Its been said that a famous English painter Dorothy used to come and paint here in British era. And the mall road of Nainital itself is so vibrant and lively with Naini lake in parallel view that evenings can be well spent here. However too much commercialisation has taken over the serene and calmness of hills.

So we need to be a little careful not to plan our trip during peak summer months. At night, we went back to our hotel and just enjoyed our dinner playing some indoor games. Next day was a sunny morning and time to go back. But we will cherish the memories of these two hill stations for life!



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