Travel experience of Ladakh

Naindeep Singh Madhok says Some beautiful experiences are so heart whelming, which cannot be expressed in words or penned down on paper. There are undoubtedly numerous places to plan a tour to but, there is one place which will leave you completely in an altogether different space and, make you feel blessed with its beauty and enchanting looks.

Naindeep Singh Madhok Exploring Ladakh

Like a place you would just fall in love with and, coming back from there would feel like being separated from your much loved friend. Yes, the place is Ladakh, its experience is similar to going to a land surrounded with, amazing surprises and behold the scenic beauty.

Once you land in this place, first of all a little discomfort you may feel because, of the difference in the oxygen levels but with a little time, your body will accommodate with the environment.

If you are a trek lover, you have just got into the right place. The slopes of Ladakh serve the perfection for trekking and if you are in a group, the excitement has got no limits. Nothing in the world could compensate the fun you will get, having your trek in the Markha valley. It is a relatively easy trail and the most common place for trekking. Naindeep Madhok

The great part is you will be able to interact with the locals on your way. See the nomads and get to know their living style and culture.

Where people like you are living in cities in the mid of drastic population and grey skies. Here is a world of people, which sets apart from whatever you have seen in your life till now.

A great difference in terms of everything you see and, it will be an absolute pleasure to dig out more and more.

Hidden beauties of Ladakh

Naindeep Singh Madhok tells Your next stop of trek will be at the royal Stok Kangri. You cannot say your trekking is complete, if you do not reach here and see the view. Well, the picture from here just looks so fantastic and, eye catchy. Which is just impossible to cast down in an expression. A pure beauty which will skip the beats of your heart. You just have to be there to experience what it feels.

The trekking does form a significant part of the journey. You must check out some awesome monasteries on the way. The trek from Hemis to Padum has the oldest monasteries on its way. They contain a different aura and divine to see and to experience.

You will also get surprise elements in between, like a shepherd. With his flock of sheep wandering around reminding of your the old movies. Then the local food of Ladakh is just amazing. The yak cheese is the very famous cuisine and there are herbal trees on the way carrying their unique fragrance.

There is some opportunity for paragliding as well which you must not miss as you are there. There can be many places which mesmerises your heart and, captures your mind but you got to give Ladakh a chance to win your heart. The experience which you will receive here is just a miracle to unfold.

There is no place which you can compare with Ladakh. It’s like a living paradise on earth and you must visit this beautiful place. At least once in your life and be sure that the memories you will earn here, will remain with you for your entire lifetime.

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