Is Asia Safe To Travel According To Naindeep Singh Madhok

Is Asia Safe To Travel According To Naindeep Singh Madhok

Asia, an exotic and world’s largest continent, has five major physical regions. Wide and long mountain ranges, world’s highest plateaus, spacious plains, beautiful steppes. Vast deserts, freshwater environments, and saltwater environments. According to Naindeep Singh Madhok with forty-three countries. Is Travelling in Asia safe? The answer is yes, the majority of Asian countries like Dubai, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka. Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia etc. are safe for travelers.

Safest Countries According To Naindeep Madhok:-

Singapore, extremely safe to visit, one of the most vibrant multicultural islands in South East Asia known for its ancient citadels and modern city parks.

Bali is another Indonesian Island known for its iconic beaches, rice paddies, lively bars, and resort towns. This island, also known for its yoga and meditation retreats. Thailand, another travel destination, is a paradise for those who want to enjoy diving, boating, sightseeing, shopping, and romantic adventures. Thai massage is world-famous for alternate healing and relaxation.Naindeep Singh Madhok, Naindeep Pal Singh Madhok, Naindeep Pal, Naindeep Madhok, Naindeep SinghIndonesia is another Southeast Asian nation known for its ethnic groups speaking different languages. That also known for beaches, volcanoes, dragons, and jungles. Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital is an overall safe city except for some petty crimes.

Myanmar, again at Southeast Asia has more than a hundred ethnic groups. Rangoon is its largest city with bustling markets, parks, greenery, lakes, Pagoda and its century-old Stupas.

Dubai, one of the richest countries, is famous for its lively lifestyle, state of the art infrastructure and luxury shopping By Naindeep Madhok. An extremely safe International travel destination for all. It has the world’s tenth busiest airport. Burj Khalifa, 160 story skyscraper is an example of manmade wonders of the world.

Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, is the world’s holiest place for Muslims. Millions arrive during annual Hajj ( pilgrimage) in this city. Medina is also a major Islamic pilgrimage city.

India is one of the best tourist destinations for travelers According To Naindeep Singh Madhok:-

National Traveling India is one of the best tourist destinations for travelers and is gaining popularity day by day. Taj Mahal in Agra city, considered as a famous wonder of the world. Delhi is relatively safe in terms of petty crime, though pickpocketing can be a problem in crowded areas so you need to keep your valuables safe.

Pollution is another real problem in Delhi during some months so wearing a pollution mask will keep you safe. Mumbai has perceived to be the safest among the four metropolitan cities where people don’t mind going home alone even after nine at night.

Goa in India again a favorite tourist spot famous for its beaches and ancient Portuguese remains colony. Is more or less safe if you follow general precautions. Try not to fall in the trap of auto or taxi drivers and drug peddlers.
Kathmandu, in Nepal, is also famous for various trekking activities in the Himalayan region.

Pashupati Nath temple has the highest recorded pilgrims on some particular festivals. It is also a favorite destination for honeymooners.

Though China, highly populated yet it has less number of petty crimes. Of course, the credit goes to good governance. Who does not know the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army, and the Forbidden City? Cruising the Li River is a great experience in itself.

Tourist Attraction

Japan’s lack of crime made a headlines, impresses tourists, and provides a point of pride for the country and its citizenry. Japanese citizens worried about crime less than any other people in the world.  Japan considered to be a safe country, however, natural disasters pose some risks.

Sri Lanka is also an island country in the Indian Ocean. Full of life with sun, sand, and herds of elephants, pristine beaches and stunning landscapes. So many religious festivals mark the celebrations every day. Nature’s beauty is abundant and not spoilt. It truly depicts the original soul of Buddhism. But after Easter Day terrorist attack in Sri Lanka, tourists have become more cautious and they follow the advisories of government.

So, to conclude Asia, quite safe for tourists and really economical if the money spent wisely. So plan your vacations according to your budget as it has to be a fun-filled and relaxing break from your everyday life!

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