International Traveling

Naindeep Singh Madhok

What do you do, when you are too exhausted with, your monotonous routine of life? Its time, when people often tell you, that it is your need to some days off, and roam about new places. This is undoubtedly, the best suggestion, anyone can give you, as travelling is not just a way, out to the new world, rather its a medication for your mental health. Sharing the experiences of our popular travel lover Naindeep Singh Madhok, who has explored a number of places, even crossing the national boundaries, and discovered the amazing beauty outside our own country.

There is no second thought, about the fact, that there are various amazing places to visit in India as well, however, if you ever get a chance, you should not miss out exploring the world, as you have just got a single life to live, and there are no boundaries, and divisions in the nature.To begin with the list of suggestions, where you can visit in the international land, the first one, especially for the summer season would be the beautiful hill station Cameron Highlands, a short drive from Kuala Lumpur. There is shrill of cold air, always embracing the face submerged in tranquillity, and surrounded by the range of beautiful mountains.Naindeep Madhok-Traveler

The famous blue mountain, Mount St. Louis Moonstone in Toronto is another great location, for skiing as India has limited for it. Have you heard of the happiest place on earth? The mountains of Bhutan are popular, for their peace, and serenity, where you can go for trekking, and sightseeing.

If you ever feel like, visiting somewhere near India, this has to be in the top your list. One of the most common destinations, of Indian travellers is United States, in all the seasons. However, if you ever get a chance, to visit the US, you must not miss visiting the Nob Hill, in San Francisco famous for its hiking adventures.

Well, when we are talking of mountains, we can not leave the most enchanting, and mesmerizing place of Switzerland. The place Zurich has the most breath, taking mountains in the world, where as Bern has the Europe’s highest peak Jungfraujoch. Similarly, Kahenberg in Vienna is the mini mountain town, known for its lovely romantic weather with the scenic beauty of river Danube. There is also ancient architecture seen in this town. Dublin, and the Parnitha mountains in Athens are another set of bounties around the world.

There are many historical places around the globe, which are the main tourist attractions. One of the ancient wonders, are the pyramids of Giza, which are known for their mystical aspects, and spirituality.Petra is an old archaeological city, which is a symbol of Jordan is another place, for a mandatory visit. The Machu Picchu is one of the ancient sites, counting as the most enigmatic, and beautiful location. The Potala palace in Tibet built in the 7th century, during the reign of the Zhanpu king, is famous for its treasure, and historical importance. Other places of historical value are the Alhambra in Granada Spain, for it’s magnificent beauty, the Acropolis, the Colosseum in Rome, Stonehenge, Perspolis and many others.

As we say, travel in life never ends, so let it be through the most beautiful places around you..